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Proceeds from this site will help Stryder at https://www.facebook.com/StrydersStory/ to get neck surgery. 

Stryder is a nine year old boy that has already endured brain surgery and spinal fusion and needs to have more surgery to stabilize his neck. All money for this cause goes directly to the hospital for his surgery – Stryder’s family will not get any of the money raised.

October 2014, Stryder had surgery to fix his brain stem and other issues. He had something called Retroflexed Odontoid, a Clivo Axial Angle of 105, Chiari Malformation and Cervical Instability. All of that means that the top vertebra was bent, crushing his brain stem so badly the neurosurgeon didn’t know how he was alive, let alone walking and that his brain was seeping down into his spinal cord.

Surgery fixed the top part of his spine, stabilizing it, but because of his loose connective tissue, his spine below the fusion above is now dislocating. A world renown surgeon that specializes with children who have connective tissue disorders has said it is extremely rare to see this type of thing and he will no doubt need more surgeries in his future, all the way down to the bottom of his spine.

This neurosurgeon said that Stryder needs a fusion in both the front (anterior) and back (posterior) of his neck, but because of his age, he will only do one or the other and I (mom) have to choose which. He also said that Stryder has a Tethered Cord, and will need to do that surgery two months after the fusion.

By doing the posterior, it will relieve SOME symptoms, including sleep disturbances and the anterior fusion will relieve another set of symptoms. When I asked which he would choose, they both have advantages and disadvantages but based on the fact Stryder will definitely need more fusions posterior as his life goes on, he said he leans slightly more to doing the anterior fusion to balance out future surgeries.

Until this surgery is done, Stryder will need to wear a cervical collar. Although he says he has less pain, it is cumbersome. Prior to wearing the collar, Stryder would have episodes where his vision would go out, eyes hurting and he would pass out from the pain. He started to lose consciousness regularly, vomit blood, experience extreme head pain, multi organ involvement, chest pain and weakness in his limbs. Stryder’s teacher called me on several occasions when he would actually make it up to class – since wearing the collar, he has not had one episode, proving his neck is very unstable.

Please, we need your help to get this surgery. The Dr in New York wants to schedule it for the last week of July, except they do not take Stryder’s insurance so we have to have all the money prior to getting it done. For those that would rather purchase donate to him, please read more here http://strydersstory.com – you won’t be disappointed!

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